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The Motorola Solutions PartnerEmpower™ Program features multiple levels of participation and tiered recognition for specialisation, providing exciting ways to reward channel partners for their success and expertise, while helping to differentiate them in the marketplace. To maintain their status within PartnerEmpower, channel partners must achieve specified criteria on an annual basis.

Through the Annual Program Review, Motorola Solutions evaluates channel partners' achievements and status over the last year against the key requirements of the PartnerEmpower Program. This review is designed to protect channel partners' investments in the PartnerEmpower relationship and ensure that all channel partners are equally assessed and recognised for their efforts.

Your company's Annual Program Review Date is January 31 in which at least 12 months of participation has passed. On that date, Motorola Solutions conducts an evaluation of your company's achievements in meeting revenue and certification requirements as described in the PartnerEmpower Program Guide.


The Channel Partner Scorecard is a single online source for up-to-date details on your company’s achievements as a PartnerEmpower member. The Scorecard provides visibility into your company’s current status within the program, revenue achievements, certification achievements, and product access and portfolio training completed. The Scorecard also features your company’s Partner Profile summary and key contacts within your organization.

Training data is refreshed daily on the Scorecard, while revenue data is updated on a monthly basis.

Preparing for the Annual Program Review
One of the most important benefits of the Channel Partner Scorecard is the ability to monitor progress against PartnerEmpower program criteria in preparation for the Annual Program Review. As part of this review, which takes place on a designated Annual Program Review Date, Motorola Solutions evaluates your company’s achievements over the last year to determine PartnerEmpower Program Level and Specialization status. This review is designed to protect your investments in your PartnerEmpower relationship and ensure that all channel partners are equally assessed and recognized for their efforts.

Designated users within your company can visit the Channel Partner Scorecard to check your company’s accomplishments and determine which areas your company may need to focus on to ensure you will meet program criteria by the Annual Program Review Date. The results of the Annual Program Review are made available on the Channel Partner Scorecard.

Accessing Channel Partner Scorecard
Only select individuals within a channel partner organization—generally executives and key contacts—have access to the Channel Partner Scorecard. These individuals are identified by the role assigned during the initial PartnerEmpower onboarding process.

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