Motorola Genuine Outlets


Motorola Genuine Outlets (MGOs) are convenient one-stop retail and servicing outlets where customers can purchase genuine Motorola products and accessories with all the related warranties complete with after-sales services. With this, consumers have peace of mind as they make informed purchases through reliable retail channels that are "certified" as distributing genuine Motorola products.

All Motorola Genuine Outlets can be identified by the following logo displayed prominently at the shop front:

Motorola two-way radios and accessories are extensively used in mission- and business-critical applications such as emergency response, public transportation, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, retail, and more. It is crucial that our products consistently offer a high level of reliability which only genuine Motorola products can deliver.

Protecting Customer Interests & Investments
The MGO initiative is Motorola's way of protecting customer interests and, at the same time, combating inferior quality counterfeit and compatible accessories that affect the performance of the radios and compromise our customers' operational readiness. Users of Motorola two-way radios can now buy genuine Motorola batteries, parts and accessories from MGOs as these outlets have been certified by Motorola as distributing only genuine Motorola products.

This MGO programme is part of Motorola's continuing commitment to ensure a high level of consumer satisfaction and protection. Genuine products bring customers the quality and reliability they expect and deserve from market leaders.

What is eMEGO?
An eMEGO is a virtual retail front for Motorola Exclusive Genuine Outlets (MEGOs) . These virtual stores, run by Motorola resellers, are set up to bring Motorola two-way radios and accessories closer to you. These eMEGO stores provide high standards of eShop functionality and retail genuine Motorola products & accessories exclusively. They have also demonstrated a proven level of customer satisfaction to earn the Electronic Motorola Genuine Exclusive Outlet (eMEGO) Certificate and well qualified to service consumers online. This is an extension of Motorola's commitment to providing high quality products with reliable customer services.

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