Electronic Motorola Exclusive Genuine Outlet (eMEGO)
Welcome to eMEGO!

An eMEGO (Electronic Motorola Genuine Exclusive Outlet) is a virtual retail front for Motorola Exclusive Genuine Outlets (MEGOs) and Channel Partners. These virtual ‘stores’ deploy professionally designed web templates & guidelines. They provide high standards of eShop functionality and retail genuine Motorola products & accessories exclusively. These eMEGOs have also demonstrated a proven level of customer satisfaction to earn the Electronic Motorola Genuine Exclusive Outlet (eMEGO) Certificate.

Why go online?

Online business is resilient in the uncertain economy.

  • Drive web penetration, increase mind-share and share-of-wallet
  • Create another sales funnel, leverage cross-selling opportunities
  • Shorten sales cycle, easier customer search & ordering
  • Lower business operating costs, greater savings
Motorola’s mission is to help Channel Partners like you, generate business impact. And one of the ways to expand the radio business is to tap into the online business (e-commerce). The eMEGO has been established with the primary purpose of assisting MEGOs on this e-commerce strategy and providing another sales avenue with consistent online presence/capabilities.

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